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The Stimulator E-917


E-917 is a beautifully designed reclining chair that is not just limited to stimulating blood flow but is also a smartly designed chair. The E-917 can provide eight different types of massage techniques along with 12 different massage modes; you can set your chair’s preference on what you may like. The reclining chair also provides 3D movement, so it's worth a buy and worth a shot to have around. This product works beyond relieving pain and providing comfort. The E-917 is designed with a sleep aid hood; this helps to transport the body into a much calmer and more settled realm. With a negative oxygen ion function, you can also allow your body to simply adapt to the chair in order to feel relaxed. The chair’s motor box’s full body protective cover restricts any rats or cockroaches from entering, thus maintaining cleanliness. The E-917 smart 3D moving chair provides a full-body airbags massage; this means it covers the shoulders, arms, calves, waist, and feet. You can also turn on the foot roller scraping massage option while experiencing your calves' kneading and rolling massage feature. Buy this super-long SL tracks premium 4D massage chair with a large iPad touch screen and a built-in controller.
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