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The Guide E-898


The E-898 reclining chair features an SL-type guide rail. You can connect music via Bluetooth and simultaneously enjoy a synchronized massage function. The recliner is smart with what it does because it has smart-sensing and intelligent body detection. The chair offers a neck and shoulder precision massage and a foot roller kneading massage. The recliner’s skin-friendly texture and intricate functions offer a relaxing situation for the user. The recliner has five automatic massage programs and is also comfortable. The reclining chair provides heating near the waist and focuses on the buttocks for massage. The calf's airbag massage helps relieve the legs of pain and stress; it works toward settling stress stored in the calf muscles and provides a sense of relief. Airbags are self-controlled for any targeted massages. For example, E-898 provides airbag massages for calves, buttocks, and the entire body. The recliner works toward heating the waist, which is excellent for lower back pain. Heat therapy can help relieve the back from deeply-stored pain and helps improve flexibility and muscle movement. Heating can relieve muscle spasms and reduce tightness in the body, thus, improving blood circulation.
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