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E-922 Calm Down

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The E-922 3D Massage Chair is a great investment for those looking for comfort and relief to stay by their side. This particular massage chair is a great choice for many because it comes with full-body airbags to massage your shoulders, calf, arm, and foot. There’s also a large LCD touch controller with heating projected toward the waist and the calf. The zero gravity, SL track, and 3D manipulator come with five massage techniques and five automatic massage programs. This massage chair is heaven-on-earth for everyone who wants to indulge in some self-care routine and give thanks to their body for pushing through so much. The chair is also essentially a way to disconnect from the world and give time to yourself. In the times we live in, it can get difficult to step outside our necessities and places where we ought to make an impression to simply take a moment and breathe, all while taking it in. You cannot contemplate and introspect if your body is tired and there’s no way out of it. Lethargy has a direct impact on our moods, and at E-recline, we understand that. This is precisely why we want you to absorb the experience.
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