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Skin-to-Skin E-719D


E-recline’s E-719D reclining chair is one of the most innovative products designed by our R&D team. This recliner has five automatic massage programs which are not just effective but also comfortable. The recliner comes with a synchronized massage function. With precision massage toward the neck and shoulder, the recliner offers an entire body’s airbag squeeze synchronized massage. This recliner is a great option with five automatic massage programs; hence, it's more comfortable. The E-719D recliner’s material is made from a skin-friendly texture; fine PU leather. It is for this reason that the E-719D recliner is more sought-after because it compliments the human body. The recliner also provides a foot roller kneading massage and calf airbags massage. The recliner is an innovative creation with smart-sensing body detection. The recliner can detect human touch as well. With a neck and shoulder precision massage, the release of the trigger point relaxes muscles and redacts pain. A trigger point is essentially a band of skeletal muscles that are wound up together inside a muscle group. A trigger point should be pressed for about 30 to a maximum of 90 seconds; after this, your tissue stress will release and begin to slimmer.
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