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E-632 Magni


The E-632 Magni is a 2D massage chair that is the perfect choice if you’re on a budget. No one should have to compromise on necessity because of monetary regard. We understand that and do not want you to miss out on relaxation. This is why we’ve brought you a version of our reclining chair that is 2D but no less in its function. This massage chair has a fixed kneading massage on the back of the massage chair. It also has heating on the waist. Say your stomach’s not doing well, and you need a heating pad. The fact that you will need to get your hands on one, heat the pad, and then use it tells us it might not be fair on you if you’re not doing well. We all need a cozy, comfortable chair to lie on and forget the world. When a chair is that comfy, you know you’ve put your money in the right place. This chair comes with an LCD touch controller, which is more intelligent. With U-shaped airbags massage on the head, you know your brain cells will have a good time. You can also use the LED lighting feature to navigate your way through. Also, if we hadn’t already mentioned, this chair is on a sweet sale!
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