Everything You Should Know About E-Recliner Massage Chairs

Do you find it difficult to unwind after a heavy workout session, at the end of a long, tiring day, or whenever you feel low? A nice, relaxing massage on an electronic recliner massage seat can help!

An electronic recliner massage chair consists of three main components: motors, nodes and rollers, and computerised adjustability.

● Motors are the main mechanical parts of the massage chair that power the nodes and rollers, enabling vibrations. You can change the motor settings to adjust power and switch between the massage techniques.

● The nodes and rollers work like the hands and fingers of a masseuse. The rollers and nodes vary in size – the larger ones are usually best for a general, full-body massage. In comparison, the smaller ones target specific body parts and provide a detailed massaging effect. These nodes and rollers can move in different patterns programmed into the chair.

● Computer-assisted adjustability automatically adjusts the rollers and nodes according to a particular user's height, weight, and width. This automatic adjustability feature works by measuring the pressure applied on the chair and better targets the sore spots on your body. You can also control this automatic adjustment through a control pad or remote.

Traditional massage chairs provided pressure in a few areas with only a few basic movement patterns. Now, the advanced versions target different areas of your body more precisely, including the neck, feet, legs, lower back, upper back, hands, shoulders, and arms.

4 Effective Massage Techniques Used by E-Recliner Massage Chairs

E-Recliner massage chairs are designed to employ different massage techniques. Some of them are explained below.

● Shiatsu means finger pressure and is similar to acupressure in nature. It releases tension in specific areas of your body through stretching, pressing, and rotating motions. These motions also have a relaxing effect on the mind.

● Kneading massage means lifting and stretching muscles to relieve their soreness. This technique promotes blood and lymph circulation, brings vital nutrients to the spinal area, and removes toxins from the muscle and nerve tissues.

● Tapping massage uses rapid tapping strokes to remove scar tissues and the stiffness in your muscles, allowing the blood to flow freely. This technique stimulates muscles and connective tissue, helping a lot with sports recovery.

● Knocking refers to continuous short pulses of pressure that help the muscles relax. This is a very

effective massaging technique for the back.

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